My name is Krishna (or Krish for short). I use they/them

I have a bachelors in psychology and hope to eventually become a primary care physician, but in the meantime I'm creating things and ruling over the midwest United States. This is where I live out my childhood dreams of being important enough to have a website.

Oh, and I'm a fucking webmaster!

Miscellaneous Facts About Me That May Bleed Into My Work

☼ Aries ☾ Aquarius ↑ Libra
I speak English, Tamil and French (questionably)
My favorite color is pink & my favorite animals are bunnies
The first anime I watched was the Canadian dub of Futari wa Precure on YTV every morning before school when I was eight
I'm an immigrant and grew up as a documented dreamer in the United States
I'm literally a real life princess. Idk what to tell you